Venue : Space U8 Mall, Shah Alam.

On 30th March 2018, Sport & Recreation Club has organize “Kejohanan Bowling KSRT 2018” for all staffs at TRIplc Berhad. 61 participants has participated which represent four teams including BRAVO, KIIK, ADAKLASS and TAKE-5. Each group got 15 representatives each. Six categories of prizes has been prepared for winners including:

  1. Group champion
  2. The most sporting group
  3. The highest scorer (man)
  4. The highest scorer (woman)
  5. The most bottom scorer(man)
  6. The most bottom scorer (woman)


TAKE-5 team
BRAVO team

Here is our champions (based on the above mentioned categories):

1st category : will be announce soon on staff gathering (12 April 2018)

2nd category : TAKE-5 team

3rd category : Mr. Azizi (449 points)

4th category : Mdm. Normanizan (375 points)

5th category : Dato’ Jamaluddin Buyong

6th category : Mdm. Sahura Amaran

Congratulations to all our champion. Hopefully we can manage to organize more programs that will strengthen our unity. Last but not least,

” Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved “




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